We supply nut flours to food and cosmetic industry. The meal obtained during cold pressed oil is ground in a traditional stone mill as per desired granular size. Then packed in 10 – 25 kg paper bags for sales.
The most important feature of our seed flours are natural and pure characteristics. Because, our cold pressed oil production is completely free from any chemicals, solvents and additives. So, the meal obtained after oil separation is also pure and food-grade. On the other hand, reduced fat content of nut flours by cold pressing give longer shelf life capability of end products where our nut flours are used.
Nut flours are produced as per desired oil content level. Nut and seed flours are rich in protein, mineral, fibre and nutritional elements.

Organic oils

  • Organic sour cherry oil
  • Organic black seed oil
  • Organic pomegranate seed oil

Lavender oil

We supply high quality, pure lavender oil produced in Isparta city of Turkiye.

Grape seed oil

BST grape seed oil is produced from black grape seeds grown in Anatolia.

Soap Bars

Bst International has launched soap bars with natural cold pressed (extra virgin) oils.

BST International has specialized in international marketing of natural cold pressed oils and defatted nut flours, hydrosols, lavender oil and soap bars. We have a wide range of natural oils in our production schedule.

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