Chicken manure

We supply organic chicken manure produced in modern composting  plant. Worldwide shipment is possible.

Importance of organic matter in soil:

Insufficient organic matters in soil effects physical and chemical properties of soil. Organic matters enable good structure of soil and proper plantation in soil.  Organic matters keep water and oxiygen in soil and  preserves life of microorganisms.

Chemical fertilizers may destruct soil structure for long time use such as salt occurrence and combining minerals without use. This destruction can be avoided by supplying enough organic matters to soil.

Effects of organic chicken manure to physical properties of soil:

Increases water absorption capacity of soil.

Preserves balance of warmth of soil.

Avoids cream layer on soil.

Avoids cracking of soil.

Reduces erosion risk of soil.

Reduces freezing risk of soil.

Effects of organic chicken manure to chemical properties of soil:

Increases microbiological activities in soil. This enables existing nutrients to intake by plants.

Fastens root development of plants.

Empowers of resistance of plant against diseases.

Feeds plats by decomposition of organic matters existing in the manure.

Provides a good vegetative growing.

Effects of organic chicken manure to biological properties of soil:

Fastens microbiological activities in soil.

Increases microorganism population in soil.

A source for microorganisms existing in soil.

Production of organic chicken manure:

Only chicken manure is used in our organic chicken manure.

No foreign seeds existing in our chicken manure.

temperature control is conducted automatically.

Complete composting is performed.

Continuous laboratory analysis are performed.

Store in steel and concrete bins before packing.

Packing sizes:

Organic chicken manure are packed in 25 kg and 50 kg PP bags.

Types of manure:

Available in powder or pellet form as per customer requests.






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