Cold pressed oils

Cold pressed oils

We supply natural cold pressed oils for various industries such as food, nutrition support, cosmetic and personal care.


Since our natural oils come from cold pressing process, the quality of our oils is arising from their native characteristics.

We export our natural oils to overseas markets and establish long-lasting business relationships.

We sell our products either in bulk or in glass bottles.

We supply Turkish origin cold pressed bulk black seed oil worldwide.

Turkish black seed oil has high Thymoquinone (TQ) content in comparison with other origins.

Thymoquinone (TQ) is existing in Nigella sativa oil. It is a fenolic compound. So, it has high antioxidant properties.



Native, characteristic color

No chemicals

No additives

Not refined

Not deodorized. 

So, gentle cold pressing preserves its own characteristics of the seed.

Consequently, it is completely a pure natural oil!


Firstly, best quality Turkish black seeds come from the reliable sources, cleaned and sorted.

Secondly, Bst nigella oil is completely virgin oil by first cold pressing of black seeds.

Thirdly, no preheating process takes place.

Although preheating leads to higher yields and reduces the cost, black seeds are not heated before entering into process .

In addition, process temperature never exceeds 40 degrees Celsius during production. 

Shelf lıfe & storage condıtıons 

Shelf life is 3 years (package unopened). 

After opened, it is recommended to consume within 30 days to ensure best nutritional benefit.

You may keep oil in refrigerator at 5-8 degrees Celsius.

Avoid exposure of direct sun light.

Suitable for cold usage only. Do not heat for obtaining highest benefit from oil

Packıng alternatıves for bulk black seed oıl

Our main bulk packing types are food grade plastic drums (25 kg).

In addition, we are also capable of shipping in L-ring drums or steel barrels with 200 kg nigella seed oil capacity.

IBC’s are also available.

Mınımum order quantıty (MOQ)

Minimum order quantity is 25 kg

Means of shıpment

We have ability to ship our oils either by air courier and air cargo.

On the other hand, we also ship on LCL and FCL basis. 

Payment methods

Payment method is bank transfer.

In addition, payment by credit card with secure payment link is also applicable.

HS codes of black seed oıl

Simply, we may classify HS codes of black seed oil as per packing weight as follows:

If unit package is less than 1 Kg: 1515.90.5100

If unit package is more than 1 Kg: 1515.90.5900

Estımated shıpment date

Mostly, we ship orders within 10 -15 working days after payment done depending on size of orders.

Delıvery terms

In general, we make shipments on CPT term worldwide.